Our Bay cruise  is a short river cruise. Commentary on the memorial parks and a short distance upstream viewing the natural beauty of the river. 

A lovely short outing to suit many occasions 

Byo nibbles and drinks. 

If the cruise shows no availability on the day you would like. Please Call 0400130258 and we’ll do our best to assist you onto a cruise 


Public Pontoon, West Ulverstone Tasmania

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River only cruise Warm clothing Cancelations may need to be put in place by the business due to weather conditions. Full refund If customers cancel 50% if canceled within 1 day. However please call and talk as we are happy to waiver fee on some circumstances Company Risk Assessment: Leven River Cruises 1. Introduction:Leven River Cruises is a company that offers scenic river cruises to its customers. This risk assessment aims to identify potential hazards and provide measures to mitigate them, ensuring the safety and well-being of both customers and staff. 2. Hazards and Mitigation Measures: 2.1. Water Safety:Hazards: Accidental falls overboard, drowning, or other water-related incidents.Mitigation Measures: • Providing life jackets and ensuring their proper usage for all customers during the river cruises. • Conducting safety briefings before each cruise, highlighting emergency procedures and the importance of staying within designated areas. • Ensuring staff are trained in water rescue techniques and have appropriate safety equipment readily available. 2.2. Weather Conditions:Hazards: Heavy rain, storms, and extreme temperatures.Mitigation Measures: • Monitoring weather forecasts and canceling or rescheduling cruises if conditions pose a risk to customer safety. • Providing customers with appropriate clothing recommendations for different weather conditions. • Ensuring staff are trained to handle emergency situations arising from extreme weather. 2.3. Slip and Trip Hazards:Hazards: Wet surfaces on the boat, uneven surfaces on the dock.Mitigation Measures: • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the river cruise boats to prevent slips and trips. • Clear signage and warnings on the boat and at the dock to alert customers of potential hazards. • Providing appropriate footwear recommendations to customers. 2.4. Equipment Failure:Hazards: Mechanical failures or malfunctions of the boat.Mitigation Measures: • Regular maintenance and inspections of the boats to identify and rectify any equipment issues. • Ensuring staff are trained in emergency procedures and can respond appropriately to any equipment failures. • Having backup plans in place, such as alternative boats or routes, in case of equipment failure. 2.5. Health and Medical Emergencies:Hazards: Customer or staff experiencing health-related issues or medical emergencies.Mitigation Measures: • Ensuring staff are trained in first aid and CPR. • Maintaining a well-stocked first aid kit on the boat. • Establishing communication protocols with local emergency services for prompt response to any medical emergencies. 1. Conclusion:Leven River Cruises is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for its customers. By identifying potential hazards and implementing appropriate mitigation measures, the company aims to minimize risks and ensure the well-being of all individuals involved. Regular review and updates of this risk assessment will be conducted to adapt to changing circumstances and maintain a high standard of safety.

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